01 Jetta 1.8T - Stalls at stops


I have an intermittent problem while I’m driving. This never occurs on the highway since my car does not come to a halt. I have no problems starting my vehicle after sitting for extended period of time. After about running for 5 minutes or so my jetta will stall at stops. I have a short term remedy for it. When I approach a stop I put my car in neutral and apply the gas pedal so I can continue running my car. If I don’t, I encounter this intermittent issue with it stalling. On average, I let it rest once it fails for about 5 minutes. I have had an independent shop run a diagnostic test and fuel pressure test which were negative. They recommended for me to take it to the dealer. Also, they had no success in replicating my issue which is frustrating! I did have them replace the battery and the alternator is still good. I had a tune-up done less than 5000 miles ago. I also replaced my fuel filter which I thought may have been a problem. I have about 78K miles on it. No check engine light and when it fails it there is no warning. Assistance on this matter would be greatly appreciated!


This could be related to the temperature of the engine coolant. A bad thermostat that won’t let the engine warm up quickly, or a temperature sensor sending a bad signal to the ECU, could be responsible for this.


Everything previously mentioned is a very good suggestion, but has anybody checked for vacuum leaks? That may be another possiblity since if the engine is started cold the fast idle will keep it from stalling until it warms up.


My best guesses are that either the idle air circuit is not working, or that the torque converter is not unlockng.