Why wedge cardboard next to my 2017 Accord's engine?

why would someone put a small piece of cardboard wedged on the side of my engine?

I don’t know. But , why do people cross wire spark plugs of their “friend’s” cars?
All I can recommend is to lock your car to prevent this type of practical joke.

Got a pic of location?

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did you just get the car and find it? is it oily? could of used it as a temporary funnel and forgot about it.

Why do men climb the highest mountain? Why swim the deepest sea? Why do bears defecate in the woods? Because they can. Same for the cardboard.

They don’t. Bears poop in the field and throw it into the forest.


Car is probably under warranty. I see no reason why any owner would touch the motor at this time. It’s a fairly new Honda. They rarely breakdown. OP did not say where cardboard was. Or size. 3”x3”? 15”x20”? Is it clean? Oil stained?

It’s probably no longer under warranty

it’s a 2017 model year, quite possibly sold to the customer in late 2016

Why wouldn’t an owner “touch the motor” already . . . ?

Car still under warranty.
Might have been done the day before when I took it in for an oil charge.
The cardboard was clean.

OK , you are still under warranty but you still have not given enough detail for anyone to even guess why the cardboard was there . Such as where it was , how big , folded or near what part and did you have some service done .

Yes, I had an oil change done the day before.
Small 3x3.
Very clean must have been recently done.

It seems the logical thing would to ask the oil change place this question . Of course I would just remove the cardboard and find something else to worry about.


The top from an oil filter box, throw it in the trash. No warranty claim needed.