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Like an annoying marble sliding around

I know this is out there, but here goes,

When I take a left turn and the car is subjected to centrifugal loading, I hear an annoying sound like a loose object sliding around in the interior, in the back seat.

Then when I turn to the right the object slides back to where it was.

I’ve turned this car upside down and emptied my junk out of it and I can’t find the problem, short of taking things apart.

Any ideas? It’s driving me crazy! It’s a 99 model too.

Like in the back seat huh ?
Did you remove the back seat yet ?
The way my grandkids deposit their toys, food, rocks and such in vehicle orifices I never new existed, I’d pull up the rear seat bottom and see.

Is the noise even lower , as if in the gas tank ?
Maybe the rollover check ball has come loose from the filler neck ?
Has any one tried to force a siphon hose into it ?


No, sounds like its coming from the cabin, not the fuel tank

Thanks, I’ll try that.

I have a vent or blend door that clunks. I got used to it. Your noise may be something that makes strange sounds but is not serious. Look at the stuff in the spare tire well.

I had a golf ball lost in the car that did the kind of noise you are reporting. Try getting in the back seat and having someone drive you around something like a mall parking lot early Sunday morning. You can crawl around listening and try to locate the noise. A piece of heater hose or garden hose a couple of feet long makes a good stethoscope.

I know how annoying this can be. True story: I bought a brand new 1973 Vega GT and my newlywed wife insisted that there was a noise everytime I made a sharp left or right turn. I finally took the passenger door panel off and found a glass Coke bottle and a couple of cheese cracker wrappers in the bottom of the door. Someone had a quick snack on the assembly line and used my door as a trash can. The little GT made it to 140K before the crappy little engine was swapped for a 350.