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Why no recall for my 2011 Audi A7?

Why is Audi not recalling Audi A7 cars with steering defects since they know that it’s one of the mechanical faults internationally? I am in South Africa and I have been unable to drive my car as the steering hardly turns.

Out of warranty…you need to pay for the repair out of your pocket unless you have an extended warranty.

In the USA, there is a government web site that lists recalls, investigations, and complaints. There are none for the 2011 A7. This might mean that no one had problems or it is an indication of how few A7s are sold. In any case, it’s not a well known problem on this side of the Atlantic.

And, few if any of us are knowledgeable regarding the recall process in South Africa.

There’s no reference to a 2011 Audi A7 in the USA data I’m looking at. The A7 probably wasn’t offered in the USA as a new car. There’s 6 customer service bulletins for steering for the A6, but no steering system recalls I can see.

Audi started exporting the A7 to the USA in 2012. Since it was introduced in 2010, there would not have been much change in it, except to make it compliant with US regulations. There are 5 recalls: 2 for air bags and 3 for the fuel system. There are two complaints for steering.

If you’re having the same issue that i’ve been finding on the Audi forums it’s a module in the steering rack that fails but you have to replace the entire rack to fix it. Sounds like owners are having to pay out of pocket for the fix. Somewhat cheaper if an independent can do it but it’s still an expensive repair.