Why me?

92 Volvo 749 turbo- When I come to a stop, the car stops, as in, just ceases to run. No shudder, no cough, nada. This car runs great, has had great medical care, and this only happens once every 10=20 times you drive it. Now, it also has stopped while driving along, just nothing, twice. Also, many times, when you turn the key off, and try and restart after a short while, 5 minutes or so, it won’t start, same thing, no crank, no grind, just silence. Wait 3-4 minutes, and it starts right up. This happens both when the car is not even warmed up,(trip to P.O.) or warmed up. I think it’s the same problem, but we replaced a newer battery that was faulty, and it did it again. What now?

When it will not start do the dashboard warning indicator lights (oil, alt. etc.) illuminate?
Automatic or manual transmission?

Normally a vehicle that dies only at idle is suffering from a dirty or faulty Idle Air Control valve problem. However, based on your description of the complaint it’s possible you may have 2 problems here.
One could be the Idle Air valve and the other could be an electrical fault (the silence part of this) due to a faulty ignition switch, faulty neutral safety switch, or a burnt/corroded wire connector or fusbile link end.

It also sounds like a typical failure of the ignition module. On the earlier 740 models, this was located on the front driver’s side fender wall behind the air box. I don’t know where they are located on the 749 Turbo.