Why is the parking lot full

… if no games are being played at this arena?

They’re doing the same thing in other areas of the country too, I think somebody posted an article about it in California a few weeks ago. I like that they aren’t charging Enterprise to park all of the cars.

They read the Florida news article about a buncha cars burning up in a grass field and thought; Pavement is better… :wink:


It’s good to see full parking lots, again, finally! The beaches and boat launches here have opened up to the public and the parking lots are full!

That’s great news for beach goers, boaters, employees, businesses, and the economy.

Our whole state, except for 3 high virus count counties, is in the process of opening up, again.

Those rental car storage lots are not a good thing for business, employees, the economy… A guy in our building rented a car for an unlimited miles trip of 1,000+ miles, one-way, and the bill was $72. I guess the company needed some cars transported, but how long can businesses and their employees survive that market?
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I would say… about 6-8 weeks if Hertz missing a bank payment and bringing in the bankruptcy lawyers is an indication! Everything I’ve seen indicates they will file for bankruptcy reorganization shortly.

Hertz headquarters is in Estero. Just south of Fort Myers

Just went to menards. Turned around and went to Lowe’s. Walk right in the garden center. Those doors are closed at menards.

I’ve been there many times. Lots of traffic! I bought two Dahon bicycles there and my son’s boss has a “winter” residence there. It’s just a short blast down I-75 from here.
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I guess I’m operating in stealth mode, now! It works for me. :shushing_face:

What did I say that offended somebody? I gave my opinion and some facts. I didn’t call anybody a name and I didn’t swear. Oh, well!
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The menards in fridley is a dump. Probably 50yrs old. The menards in Brooklyn park is newer. 5yrs? I noticed The customers are 90% white while the Walmart next door is 10% white. I have minority friends who will not go to that Walmart. They fear for their safety.

Must have pissed someone off I guess. Does Carolyn restore flagged posts? Might as well join the flagged, flags spreading like the virus! Having the plumber docks water softener trash and recycling booke for the cabins in another state, I don’t know if we are even going to be able to get there. Is FL letting out of state plates in now? ps @common_sense_answer played golf on Sat., no rakes 1 per cart, though we walked, upside down cups, book and pay ahead then get in line, totally on the honor system. Only had to wait 15 min, no one in a hurry, playing through did not even appear to be a consideration. Everyone was nice, calm and relaxed.

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As they say round up the usual suspects. Hair on fire. I think everyone should be issued a limited number of flags to use and when they are used up . . .

Or have 3 flags before it is hidden, did not it used to be 5?

When I worked I would go to the Midway store when it first opened. The first time I couldn’t believe it they had a player piano playing-really upscale. When we go to Columbus there is a total difference between the clientele at the Lowes store and the new Menards just a few miles away. I’ve never felt unsafe though but I often get hit up for $5 or $10 when they see Minnesota plates.

One of the previous versions would have the post just vanish after flag number five.

Yeah I remember back when we were getting hit with the trolls I seem to remember we had to hit 5 or even 7 flags overnight for it to disappear before management could take a look. I dunno, it’s kind of like the adult hands over the ears yelling la la la.

I see no reason for your post to be flagged.

That’s how it is on our course, but it’s always so beautiful, scenic, well maintained, and the wildlife is fascinating, too. It’s literally my front yard. Everybody just enjoys being out on the course and guys I play with, who’ve lived here all year, for years, take out their phones and take pictures quite often.

Nobody, me included is in a hurry to get done. Lately though, I’ve taken to using an umbrella to drop the temperature a bit and shield myself from UV while waiting to tee-off in our foursome. As usual my buddies booked me for a 7:30 tee-time tomorrow. It just doesn’t get any better!

We all walk, stay at least 10 feet apart and I don’t even touch anybody’s golf ball. If I “toss” back a gimmee or a chip-in I dig it out with my putter and tap it back. If people cooperate with the virus rules then this will work!

Fore! :golf:
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It wasn’t I who did the flagging but unless you park at the stadium to shop at Menard’s your post looks like random thoughts.

It seems the goal here lately is to hijack threads and get them locked, do people play golf in a stadium?

Sort of like peremptory challenges to a prospective juror.

I dunno, I suppose parked rental cars at a Philly stadium and a full lot at Menards with real shoppers is equally irrelevant to adjusting a carb, but hey slow news day maybe.