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Why is the parking lot full

Reminding me of a challenge in a 300 yard stadium, golfer vs baseball player, golfer won for accuracy and distance, Goal accomplished. I imagine the rental car companies are hurting, heck I am ready to start marking the calendar to make sure I get out and drive the second car at least once every 2 weeks.

One of the reasons for someone to flag a post is due to the content being off-topic. And that’s why the post was flagged. I have the option to restore posts when I review them, but I am not restoring the flagged comments about covid. The problem is that other parties who are just as guilty of tossing the first grenade (such as in the other thread I closed today) don’t always get flagged.

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Let’s hope they can reorganize and come back strong, but first we need to get a demand for rental cars going. They won’t survive at all if that doesn’t happen in the near future And I’m sure it’s not just Hertz, but other rental companies, too.

It’s scary with the airlines as well and their business is joined at the hip with rental cars. Look at how many rental companies have counters at every commercial airport.

Florida, and I’m sure other states are restricting vacation rentals. Vacation rentals are joined at the hip with the airlines. That’s got to change soon or this entire country will turn into a third world nation.

Restaurants are joined at the hip with vacationers. Thankfully restaurants are opening back up here (at limited capacity).

Joined at the hip to all of that are the workers. Workers are hurting. In just one county, Pinellas County, alone (You know … St. Petersburg and Clearwater), 100,000 people are without jobs, on lay-off or termination. Some will qualify for assistance, but many won’t. This cant continue.

So, those parked rental cars are just the tip of the iceberg and the Titantic is rapidly approaching. :ship:
May day! May day! May day! :grimacing:
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