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Why is my honda stalling?

2006 honda accord 2.4 4 cylinder sedan.

Just replaced the MAP and MAF sensor, and both front and rear oxygen sensors a day or two ago. I have an aftermarket cold air intake, but never had any problems until a few days ago. Did a oil change today, the oil was very dark for being relatively changed, put in a new filter, high quality oil. Did a coolant and tranny flush. Put brand new top of the line spark plugs in today.

The past few weeks I’ve been using seafoams motor treatment, about one can per full tank, it actually seemed to help. I wonder if I started to put too much in. I’ve now stopped and am and only putting gas in.

With all of this in mind, the car will be fine when I’m idling in drive, but if I try to give it too much gas it stalls out. If I slowly press on the pedal it takes off fine, but I’m noticing something off about the shifting. After the mechanic replaced the oxygen sensors a code came up about one of my tranny transmission solenoids being off. I wonder if all the oxygen and bad fuel ratio stuff had anything to do with that. All my oil and tranny and coolant levels are fine, no leaks. In fact the shifting seems mostly fine, Its relatively smooth once the car gets going.

I notice the shifting is a little slower, like its not getting enough gas, idling issues, it reminds me of when my map sensor was temporarily/partially off as I drove to get a new one. I wonder if it isn’t correctly placed on.

My theory is the map sensor is placed on at the wrong angle, or its something with fuel getting to the engine, fuel pump going, or a tranny issue? Any ideas? Suggestions before I have the mechanic diagnose it? Thanks.

Do you still have the owners manual? What spark plugs are listed in the specs section at the end? Are the new plugs the same? If not, whaat are they?

Wow, that’s quite a lot of new parts you threw on the car…

Now, every part which was replaced can be assumed to be defective (it happens), so if you did not throw your old parts out, you might considering working your way back until you hit something.

O2 sensors are unlikely to cause stalls, but MAP/MAF could, same as spark plugs (did you use recommended ones? I hope not purchased them off eBay or such?)

IMHO, too many changes only make things more complex, so do not assume that changes to “new” parts you made are all good, work your way out one part at a time.


I would take a look at the IAC. A 10 minutes cleaning might do wonders. Also, have you looked at the throttle body? Might be dirty after 14 years.

Don’t use Seafoam to clean the engine.

I’d also suggest switching back to the original spark plug type. Not the old original worn out spark plugs…but some new identical ones, or as specified in your owners manual.

I’ve found, as I know others have, that the expensive “performance” spark plugs tend to cause more problems than they solve.


I don’t understand why someone would exchange the original specification parts that have worked well for 14 years for a part promising something vague like “more performance”. Sure, replace worn out parts, but with ones that might get you another 14 years.

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Did all this work to keep car last longer, 220,000 miles wanna make it last. Did most of the work myself. It’s a fun hobby. Never knew I liked cars so much.

The old map sensor screw was stripped, so it wasn’t able to be entirely secured down.

Bought a new bolt, tightened it hard, problem solved. Knew it was a MAP issue. Car runs like a dream, excellent. Thanks for the help.

Make sure you service transmission fluid.
Accords of mid-2000 vintage are known for transmission issues after 200K miles, so by servicing the fluid you are giving it some extra life.

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