Stalling Out - Honda Accord



My 2000 Honda Accord has been stalling out on me lately. It’s not a regular occurrence but it’s happened a couple of times in the last month. I start the car, I put the car into R (or even D4) and as I take my foot off the gas the car shakes into a stall out. If I sit in P and rev the engine for a few minutes, I can get going, no problem. Wondering if it’s in need of a new battery or if it’s possibly something more…anyone have any ideas?


It is unlikely that the battery has anything at all to do with it.

Provide a full report on all of the car’s basic maintenance items - plugs, wires, filters, etc.


My guesses would be, in no particular order:
Idle Air Control valve acting up.
Loss of fuel pressure while the car is sitting. (Usually due to a leaking fuel pump check valve which is designed to maintain residual pressure while the engine is not running.

I’m kind of leaning towards the former assuming this means during the few minutes of engine revving the engine is running smoothly when revved up and is only balky when you take your foot off the pedal.


Did you get any answers about your Honda? I could have written that letter myself. I took the HOnda in last Saturday because I almost couldn’t start it after I stopped, finally it started and I took it to the Honda dealer straightaway. After close to $700 they said it was fixed and now this Saturday it did the same thing so it is back in the Honda garage again. They said it was the wrong spark plugs and then something about the valves and then something about the emission. I don’t have the papers with me. They are with the Honda. Or, I could be more explicit.