Why is mechanic replacing wiring to rear lights

it started off with a state inspection and a burnt-out rear brake light on a 1997 saturn. then the mechanic said there was a burnt out fuse. now they want to replace the wiring to the rear light(s). am i being ripped off?

Ah, much more info this time.

Sometimes, the quickest (and therefore cheapest) way to fix and electrical problem like this is to simply bypass the suspect section of wiring rather than hunting down an open or short circuit and repairing it. The problem could be anywhere from the front of the car to the back, and most of the wiring harness is buried under various trim pieces. Finding it can take a lot of time, for which you will pay by the hour.

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Have you checked the brake lights yourself? Is it one out or all of them?
If there is a fuse blown and the wiring has a short then none of the brake lights should work.

thanks Bo appreciate the pointer.