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Why doesn't my 98 Ford Crown Vic turn over when it is hot outside and the car is hot?

Why doesn’t my 98 Ford Crown Vic Police package turn over when it is hot outside and the car is hot? Winter time,I never have the issue. When the outside temp hits the upper 70s or more,and i drive for a little bit,turn the car off it will not start or even turn over. The lights come on like normal. I wait 15-30 minutes,it fires right up.
I have replaced the starter/solenoid,battery,battery terminals,ignition relay.

I am at a loss,any help would be appreciated–98 crown vic police-4.6 liter Coil-on-plug,electronic timing,182,000 miles

The next time it doesn’t start, turn the ignition switch on so the dash lights come on, step on the brake pedal and place the transmission in neutral and then try starting the engine. If the engine starts there’s a problem with the park/neutral safety switch on the transmission.


Tester: I have already tried that numerous times. Tried starting from Park to low gear. Brake/no brake…i have jiggled the switch,adjusted steering wheel.

Regarding Tester’s suggestion though, did you actually try starting the engine while the shift lever was in neutral or was this a shift into low, back to park, repeat the start attempt, and same old, same old?

Yes.I tried starting it. It did not turn over.

“It did not turn over.” Turning over means whatever the writer wants it to mean. What exactly do you mean when you use the term turn over? Not everyone will answer that question the same way.

Engine does not turn. Engine does nothing. No noise,no clicking…nothing. Instrument panel lights come on as if it were cranking…but turn the key and no crank. “turn over” generally means turning of the engine. Cranking means the engine turns over but not starting.

Check to see if the starter RELAY is getting a signal…Does it close when you turn the key? As a last resort, you could install an secondary starter button wired to engage the starter directly…

As for the Cat Code, try changing the rear oxygen sensors.

I replaced the ignition relay…i was told it didnt have a starter relay,but i will check into that. and a seperate starter cable is something to look in to–thx

OK–just replaced starter and solenoid–lets see what happens

Starter did not fix it