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Why doesn't my 98 Ford Crown Vic Police package turn over when it is hot outside and the car is hot?

Why doesn’t my 98 Ford Crown Vic Police package turn over when it is hot outside and the car is hot? Winter time,I never have the issue. When the outside temp hits the upper 70s or more,and i drive for a little bit,turn the car off it will not start or even turn over. The lights come on like normal. I wait 15-30 minutes,it fires right up.
I have replaced the starter/solenoid,battery,battery terminals,ignition relay.

I am at a loss,any help would be appreciated–98 crown vic police-4.6 liter Coil-on-plug,electronic timing,182,000 miles

Was that starter motor and solenoid, or just the solenoid. Believe it or not if you replaced the starter motor it could be carbon buildup on the cylinders. It is common in boats, and I don’t remember the brand but my boat guy recommended one for my boat, and I am thinking yamaha. Tom and Ray have also recommended spraying copious amounts of water into the intake to reduce carbon buildup.

The first thing to try when the engine won’t start is shift the transmission into neutral and then try starting the engine. If the engine starts there’s a problem with the park/neutral safety switch. If the engine still won’t start, there may be a problem with high current starter relay located under the hood.


Well…“Tester” Have already eliminated the park switch and replaced the starter relay.

“waterboy” I replaced the starter and solenoid. I have never heard of the carbon build-up thing. How can I test for that or fix that?

Locate the terminal on the starter relay that closes the relay and engages the starter. Make a little jumper so you can crank the car by jumping that terminal to a hot source, the battery or whatever, so you can make the engine turn over. Next time it dies, see if you can hot-wire it and make it crank. If so, the starter and it’s solenoid and its wiring are okay…Then, using a simple test light or volt meter, check that the terminal in the relay socket that closes the relay gets a 12 volt signal when you turn the key to start…

Possible trouble spots; The ignition switch itself, (not sending a crank signal) or possibly a connection problem behind the fuse block. You can remove the fuse block and inspect the backside for meltdowns and bad connections…The ignition switch will be located down near the firewall on the top of the steering column…

Here is another place to get help. These guys have seen it all, true Panther fanatics…