Why does the A/C light turn off and no longer blows cold air?

I have a 05 Chevy Classic and when I start driving the car the A/C runs fine but after a while on the road the A/C icon turns off and no loger blows cold air, after that it will turn off and on by its own and I can feel a slight jerk of the car as the commpressor cuts on & off while im driving.

There are a couple of possibilities, but a good A/C shop should be able to check it out and fix it quick. (Unless it is under warranty, I suggest an independent A/C shop) They have the tools and experience to do it right and will save you money in the long run.

Because the icon turns off by itself Iam leaning towards a control head concern.What does suprise me is that you are able to sense compressor engagement. I haven’t been able to sense this for many years,as compressor load has become so small.Let the car run for let’s say 5-10min set AC to MAX windows up,car in shade,blower high,count how many times compressor cycles,this test would be better with gagues on.Cycling every 10sec is obviously a problem once every 2min I’m going to go with OK.See if the cycling and the icon going out are related.Post back.Or just take it to the garage and be done with it.

Yesturday I did what you said and it worked fine, no problem for like 10 min. the air was blowing ice cold and then I started to drive and about 5 min. into the drive the A/C light went off and no longer blew cold air after that it would turn off and on…as soon as the light goes out the compressor goes out too. The compressor cycles rondomly it goes 10, 30 seconds even 1, 2 min. for a while after that it stays lit and it works fine for a while and then it will do it again. Dont know whats going on but Thanks a lot for your advise looks like I’m going to have to take it to the shop.