Why does my truck die or won't start after driving a few miles

Mt truck will suddenly die while going down the road. I know it has a oil sensor and wont start or run with oil is low,but recently it just dies in the middle of the road or won’t start after a drive of a few miles. After sitting for a few minutes it will usually start. This was happening a couple of times a day until this week when we have had ice and snow, we have been in four wheel drive for four days and it hasn’t died or failed to start even once. Whats up with that ?

It could be an ignition or a fuel problem. Try spraying some starter fluid into the intake to see if that will get the engine to run. If it doesn’t help then the trouble is most likely due to an ignition problem. So make sure power is getting to it if that is the case. The same for a fuel problem. Make sure the pump is getting power.

How about telling us how many miles on your Silverado?

When was the last time you replaced:

  • air filter

  • Spark plugs

  • Spark plug wires

    How long have you had this problem and what steps if any have you taken to correct it?

If it shuts down on you while driving then I would think she would post an engine code on you… Engine electricals that are starting to “go” will always act up when they get hot…this is usually caused by expansion and then subsequent charge or spark leakage to ground. When this happens the electrical part is worthless… Whe you have the issue and then it shuts off…the waiting period is probably the time t take for the electrical component to contract and then it works again. You may have an ignition coil getting tired…that is IF you have ONE central coil going to a distributor…this doesnt apply if you hve coil over plug…which means you would have 8 individual coils one for each plug…In that case you dont have a central point of failure for the coil.