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Toyota goes one mile then dies. A day later it does the same thing

I drive a mile to and from work. Just as I pull in to park the engine dies. It will crank but won’t catch. I let sit overnight and the next day it starts ands gets me to just as i am parking at home and dies. What is wrong with my truck? I was thinking clogged fuel filter. Let’s a little fuel through the line at night which is used up on the trip. When line empty car dies. Then slowly fills line again over night.

How many miles on this thing? Hope it has fresh gas in it(one mile to work? you pumping gunk?-Kevin

The year of the truck would be helpful. Check Engine light on? You might have a clogged vent to the gas tank which would cause the gas tank to build up a vacuum eventually starving the engine for fuel.

If it’s about an 86, the igniter may be going bad and it is under the coil and costs around $350. Have a mechanic check it out or take a big risk with the money.

It’s a 1990. Does that still apply?

If it still has an igniter, maybe. A parts place may know.

No check engine light. I just use the regular unleaded. I’ll regularly run it to empty so I’d say the fuel is clean. 346k on truck. Head gasket and heads done, radiator, alternator battery starter timing belt all done in recent time.

I Think dropping the gas tank seems like a good place to start. It appears to not be getting fuel.

I had a 92 and the fuel filter was not in the tank, but typically you had to remove the starter motor to change the fuel filter. Find out where you need to go before going nowhere.