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Why does my engine rev?

I have an '05 Toyota Corolla with a manual transmission. When the car is cold and I step on the clutch, the engine revs (RPMs jump to 2300). It only happens when the car is cold. Why is this happening?

You`re relieving a load from the engine when the cold start warm up (high idle) is in motion.

I recently test drove and bought a 2004 Matrix XR, and when I first started the engine (It is cold here) I watched the rpm gauge run up to 22-2300 rpms and questioned the tech I had been taking with, and he said all the Toyotas seem to do this (by design) for a fast warm up.

Reason being they believe a warm engine runs better and with less emissions. No doubt there.

My `00 Silhouette van V6 revs higher than idle (on a cold start) too, but only goes to 1500 then drops back down to 750 within a few seconds.

It warmed up to operating temp quickly though.

I`m not tuned to the idea of a very fast COLD start up.

BUT, who are we to argue with highly trained and schooled engineers who design these engines.