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Why Does My Cruise Control Have An Off Button?

Hmmm, yes, panic. I was going over the Minnesota River bridge when I dropped a lit one in my lap with a new suit on. Couldn’t stop, couldn’t pull over, burned a hole right through my pants. I never told my wife but took them to a seamstress that advertised reweaving bullet holes. She did a pretty good job too. But them I’m off topic.

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August 11

If the cruise control was always on and ready to respond to a switch input when someone bumps the resume while making a turn or holds the accelerate button while searching for the lit cigarette in their lap panic will set in.

That’s why most all cruise controls are designed to forget the set speed when the ignition is turned off. Every time you get in the car and start it, you have to reset the cruising speed.

B.L.E About the only time I use cruise control is on a local 2 lane street over 1 mile long that passes 3 schools. On school days from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM the speed limit is 20 mph. Otherwise the speed limit is a blistering 25 mph. My cruise control is the first I have driven that will maintain 25 mph so I use it on this 1 street which outside of school hours is normally deserted or close to it with the exception of the usual city cop. When I am about a block from the streets end I turn the cruise control OFF.

Why Does My Cruise Control Have An Off Button? My original smart aleck answer was. I’m pretty sure it is so you can turn it off.

I suspect raweber is pulling our legs by asking a pointless question. Gosh! in order to operate my cruise control from the off position I have to move my thumb less than three inches to push the on button then move my thumb about half way back to the set button. Since I normally push the off button as I near my destination I was not 100% sure but thinking that my cruise control turned off when the ignition was turned off. I just confirmed this during a trip to the store. If raweber’s vehicle is able to stay in the cancel mode but not save the set speed (I certainly hope it would not save the set speed!) after re-starting they would have to push resume then set. What is the difference?

@Rod Knox

Just curious. Do the newer semis have cruise control.

Yes they do.

The difference is one more thing to fail. My switch failed and I have locked it to always on. I haven’t seen one good justification for this switch.

I use the off button when the speed limit drops, i.e. 70 down to 55, rather than tapping the brake.

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I use the Cancel button rather than Off, so that I can resume my previous speed. If I use Off I have to turn it back on again, get back to the earlier speed, and set it again. I find the resume button much simpler to use.

While I appreciate this answer, in 32 years of driving I have never accidentally hit any of the cruise control buttons except Off (when I meant to hit Cancel).

Silly question, silly answer. I use the off button for two reasons. The first is if I need to turn it off and don’t want to flash the brake light to the cars in back of me that may panic. Second if you are going 70 in a 55 zone and meet a Highway Patrol, putting your brakes on to slow down will flash the brake lights which is a clear admission of guilt. Hitting the off button allows you to slow down without the tell tale brake lights. Works for me. Of course sometimes the patrol will flash their red lights as they are meeting you, telling you to slow down, then you want to hit your brakes so that they can see you acknowledged their warning and are slowing down.


Thanks for reviving an old thread . Why ?

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In Europe, they have had it for decades.

Arrgh. 2014. Sorry.

Well, neither have I. That makes two people. However, it seems obvious that it HAS happened and probably more than a few times such that it is now part of the safety interlock.

LOL, did the shop advertise “tailor to the mob”?

To get back to the car question, you’ve been given a number of safety reasons. Why did you ask?

I don’t know where that came from but I took them to the seamstress that advertised fixing bullet holes. I didn’t tell anyone about burning a hole in the crotch of my new suit. She did a nice job though. I think it only cost me $10 and no one was the wiser. Secrets? Sure we all have some. Confess now guys.

I have very rarely used cruise control. The pedal thingy on the right seems to work fine. OP seems to be a candidate for driverless cars.

Just because it can be revived and OP is responding. Learn to live with it.

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About the only time I use CC is on a 1 mile city street with 25 mph limit. It is obviously designed as a revenue generator with a radar equipped cop present at least half the time. It has 3 schools so during school hours it is 20 mph which my CC will not maintain. I am forced to use the pedal thingy. The horror!