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Cruise control question

I have a 97 Subaru Legacy (car) Wagon LXI. I want to know if it is harmful to turn off the cruise control without stepping on the brakes lightly first? There is a button on the dashboard, but I always hit the brakes first, then turn off the button. Do I need to hit the brakes first or not???

Tapping the brake is the method to temporarily turn off the cruise so the “resume” button returns you to your previous speed.
Turning off the switch reguires re-setting your speed when you turn it back on.

whatever floats your boat.

It’s your call. No harm in turning it off directly with the button.

You can cancel, or turn off, the cruise control any way you want. It doesn’t matter and it doesn’t hurt anything. Use the brake pedal, use the switch, use the cancel feature on the cruise control stalk.

There is a cancel feature built into the cruise control stalk. You don’t need to step on the brake pedal in this car. It’s one of the things I like better about my Subaru than my Acura. The cruise control system is more user-friendly.

Thank you!!!

Thank you

Thank you!!!