Why does my car not start?

When I try to start my car it will not turnover. If I turn the key and not all the way it actslike it trying to re-set itself and ALL the lights on the dash and on the panel of the gear shaft begin to flicker and I here clicking sounds. It looks like something out of a horror film. What is the problem?

You probably have corrosion on your battery cables, a bad battery, or a bad starter. My vote would go for corrosion based on your description of the symptoms. See if it will take a jump, then go get it checked out by a good independent shop. It shouldn’t be too expensive to fix.

They’ve made Malibus for many years. How old is yours?

It sounds to me like your battery is dead. I suggest you have it, and the charging system, tested. Many parts stores will test for free.

You can remove the two battery connections and clean them with a baking soda solution FOR FREE!! For $3, parts stores sell a handy tool made for this purpose…

If that does not cure the problem, have the battery tested, also free…