Car won't always start




This is probably a basic question for most. When I turn the key, my car makes the noise as if it’s going to turn on, but it doesn’t always start.

If I gas it, it will start.

If I don’t gas it, it just keeps making the sounds (turning over, I think it’s called), but never turns on.

Do the start plugs need to be replaced?


Well it might be spark plugs, but unfortunately you did not give us enough information. I might add that you did do a good job of telling us what you have observed; much better than many people do. However you did neglect to tell us what make, model and year of car you have. Also how many miles on it.

I have several suggestions.

Let’s do two of them first.

If you can’t remember when:

  • The spark plugs were replaced
  • the air filter replaced
  • The oil and filter were replaced
  • The fuel filter was replaced
  • tyre prpressure, power steering fluid and coolant checked
  • The brakes checked and brake fluid replaced

Then now would be a good time.

Take you car to one of the auto parts stores like Autozone and Advanced Auto Parts and see if they find any error codes in your computer. Bring back the actual codes and not just the English descriptions.

I’m guessing a fuel issue.


Thanks for the advice.

My car is a 94 Corolla.

Right now it keeps “clicking” quickly when I turn the key and eventually it will start if I gas it a lot. Is that the battery? Alternator? Spark plugs?

When you suggest getting the computer codes checked out, is that something an autoparts store will know how to do?