Why do oler cars get that squeeking belts after a rain?



why older cars and not newer cars get the squeeks after a rain or when it very humid and how do you get rid of it?


The belts get wet and squeak. As belts get older then get smoother and slip easier and they get hardened with age and slip more.


If they are squeaking, they are either too loose, or they need to be replaced. If they haven’t been replaced in a while, it’s a good idea anyway.


how much should something like that cost on a satrurn 98 sc1?


I got a serpentine belt for my V8 for just $30. I put it in though.


www.autozone.com has an online manual for your Saturn, here is the link describing serpentine belt replacement.


It’s fairly straight forward installation, so a mechanic or dealer should be able to give you a price over the phone. Belt prices are usually $20 to $40, I install the belts myself, usually a 5 to 10 minute job. I prefer Goodyear Poly-V belts, they seem to be the quietest on my 2000 Blazer and 93 Caprice. I usually change the belt every 3 years or so.

Ed B.


Belts are a wear item and a critical one at that. Have them inspected and expect to pay about $100 to replace yours if its a single belt.


that sounds very doable Ed but i don’t have any tools to do this or else i would try it out…
the serpantine belt on my 98 saturn is still the original come to think about it all the parts are still the originals exept for the breaks and wiper blades.


Changing a serpentine belt on most GM’s is actually astoundingly easy. All you need is a 3/8 ratchet handle, which you put in the little square hole on the belt tensioner and turn left to relieve the pressure and take the old belt off, then you do the same thing and put the new one on.


Many older cars have enough miles that the pulleys have been glazed and the belts tend to slip and squeal especially when wet, or even slightly damp.

Glazed belts are worn to near mirror smoothness.