Why do old all Volvos smell like crayons?

Does anyone know why every. single. old. Volvo. smells like crayons when you turn the heat on? Burning question… We’ve had six over the last 25 years, and every one smelled like crayons. WHY???

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Why does my BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, SAAB or Volkswagen smell like crayons? (tiremeetsroad.com)

Why do you keep buying Volvo’s then ? Mine does not do that.

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OMG, thank you! This makes sense (scents). :slight_smile:

@VOLVO-V70 - because they’re great cars? I don’t mind the smell, it just reminds me of kindergarten.


Parents didn’t let kids use felt-tip permanent markers in their Volvos, only pencils and crayons.

you can try Ozium spray. spray at night and then open doors and let it air out for 5-10 minutes. try not to breath it in when spraying. you can get it at the auto parts store.

What Is Ozium? (healthfully.com)