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Smell inside car

Can someone tell me why my daughters car smeels like a crayon on the inside? It is a 2002 VW Jetta.


Automotively related it could be a leaking heater core, do you experience any coolant loss or a wet spot on the passenger side floor? Is it possible a crayon fell into the defrost vent? I could see how cooked coolant could smell like a crayon, it may even be a coolant leak in the engine compartment causing the smell and making its way into the cabin. Another possibility would be an oil leak causing the smell, probably valve cover gaskets if so. Any oil spots in the parking spot?

Could the odor be a musty smell? Try checking the windshield fluid (smell test) as well as the coolant smell test. NOTE: DON’T TRY REMOVING THE RADIATOR CAP when it is hot.

Are there any young children in the family? It would not be the first time a crayon ended up where it should not be.

I’m confident it is not a coolant leak because she does not lose level. I am also confident it is not an actual crayon stuck anywhere. The oil leak is a possibility though. We have 4 vehicles and this is the only one that I have to add oil to between oil services. I get the oil changed in all my vehicles at least every 5,000 miles. This vehicle usually takes two or three quarts of oil between services. I asked the VW dealer about it a few years back (while it was still under warranty) and they told me that was normal. I never believed them, but what can you do. My only question is, would burning oil really smell like a crayon that is melting? My daughter thinks it has something to do with the waxy material that she always has to wipe off of the inside of her two front doors. Do you know what that would be?