Who's takin my JUICE?

2005 GMC Canyon - NEW Battery surprises me with dead over night.

I have noticed when I first bought this truck, when I park (and open the door) the chime rings to remind me to take my keys that are still in the ignition.
Lately when I park and jump out with my keys in hand,(my truck has trained me!) the chime still rings and in the morning the battery needs a jump. I use a battery charger when I at work to top it off, but when I stop for gas the chime rings when the door is open.
My mechanic said he’d put a cut-off switch on the battery WHAT KIND OF FIX IS THAT?
I’m wondering if it’s a problem with the ignition switch.
Any suggestions?

Find a better mechanic. That is a stupid suggestion. Get it fixed correctly. I won’t guess what is wrong, your new mechanic needs to run a parasitic draw test to find exactly what electronic control is staying awake and draining the battery. The fix will come from that test.


check for a faulty brake light switch causing your brake lights to stay on killing your battery. there was a recall for this.

Recall Alert: Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Canyon, Isuzu I-Series Pickup Trucks - PickupTrucks.com News