Who says that A/C repair isn't DIY?

This guy seems to have figured out the solution very well!
Of course, his vision to the right is impaired, but…


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Where is the generator, penny wise and pound foolish I think

Assuming that is not a Photo Shop job, I could see that A/C becoming an unguided missile in the event of a collision.
Decapitated by a window unit…

When I wrecked my Corvette someone found my right front headlight assembly with 6 feet of attached wiring over a block away. Imagine how far that A/C unit would travel…

If the minivan is a Chrysler product and the air conditioner is a Chrysler AirTemp, it’s an easy bolt in fix.


I seem to remember a similar setup with the generator on a hitch-mount platform.

I remember years ago seeing a similar set up in Oklahoma City with the unit being mounted in the back window of Lincoln.

Perhaps you will like this one better…


… or maybe this one…


Well in the old days driving through Wyoming when it was about 110 out, woulda done just about anything. Used wet towels to cool off just like in the restaurant kitchen. I remember seeing a few of those evaporator coolers hanging out of windows with some jealousy. Times have changed in 50 years I guess. My cousin was making those coolers that hang around your neck to send to the boys and girls serving in the mid-east. That’s gotta be worse than Wyoming.

I can kinda hear the conversation though: “Harry I’m not going anywhere in that hot car until you fix the air conditioning.” OK, fixed.

I remember back about 1978 we didn’t have AC in our house and the in laws were coming to visit in July. Yeah wife said we are getting air. $1000 AC special installed just in time for in laws. Gotta know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em.

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