Who needs ropes?


Spotted in Florida


It makes me wonder if the words “Hold my beer and watch this” were uttered


Get that rig going fast enough he’s going to have one amazing final flight…


Florida Man strikes again!

Safer than SOME things I’ve seen…


A friend of mine observed an instance of the “flying mattress” on the highway, where 4 guys in Cololla tried to hold it to the roof with their hands through open windows… including driver :slight_smile:
The guys swirling out of mattress landing path received a fresh doze of adrenaline when this thing took off at around 65 MPH traffic was flowing :slight_smile:


There’s a fine line between ingenuity and stupidity. He crossed it.


I was cleaning out my house prior to a sale, and I go some guys with a small truck to take away some trash. That included an old trailer made from the back of an antique pickup truck. Was sitting in the yard for decades rusting away. Tires had no air, but rigid enough.

They didn’t have a trailer hitch, so they drove away with a guy sitting on the back of the flatbed holding onto the trailer hitch, with a rope around the hitch and tied to some tie points on the flatbed.

They had to drive down a steep curving gravel road initially. Apparently they made it …

wish I had a photo, but this was before digital cameras.


Back when the plastic pickup bed liners first appeared I was Northbound on the interstate when I saw a liner suddenly launch from a Southbound pickup. It went at least 100 feet up then fluttered down to the grass median. The truck’s brake lights did not come on so I’m thinking the driver had quite a “puzzler” when they arrived at their destination.


I think he’s just holding the mattress down but you couldn’t do that in Minnesota. We used to have a guy around here that used his lawn mower to get around. One day I saw him heading to Walmart with a small trailer attached and the trailer had an old pick up cover on it to protect from the rain. Inside the trailer was his wife. I dunno, guys do what they have to do and they needed to go shopping. I just favor leaving the poor guys alone.


I helped a friend move someone in their used postal van once. Mattress on roof, no rope. Came off of the 59th street bridge into Manhattan, took a left down second Ave (one way only).
At 49th street someone shouted that our mattress had flown off the roof some 5 blocks back. We sent the youngest and fastest kid off running to find it. Someone had taken it away that quick, we never saw it again.