Holding onto the sofa on his roof with his hand

I saw a guy driving down Silver this afternoon in a compact with a sofa on his roof. He held it down with his hand.

Periodically, I see people holding (or, more correctly, attempting to hold) a mattress onto the roof of their car.
This is clearly the reason for the random mattresses that can be seen sitting next to Interstate highways.

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Living in Florida, not uncommon to see such antics.
Saw a mattress being hauled on a utility trailer, guy riding on the mattress to hold it down. Followed a CRV two days ago, was hauling four 12 foot base boards in side the vehicle with 6+ feet hanging out, the ends of the boards were about two inches from the ground. Two had broken off at the the window.


I hope he was driving slowly. Air flow will quickly lift whatever is on the roof up and off, even if it’s tied in place. I was moving a mattress across town on the beltway. Even at 55 mph the mattress lifted so much that I couldn’t stay on the highway safely. I got off and took a crosstown city street to finish the move safely.

… and yet, it isn’t unusual to see people attempting to transport mattresses at high speeds. In theory, they saved money by transporting the mattress themselves, rather than pay for delivery. Then, it winds up flying off, and landing on the roadway…

We share the road with folks like this… at least until their tires fail and/or their springs break.
Apparently, this driver isn’t afraid of “someone telling him what to do”.


Dad’s hauled some long items inside his CRV with the pvc pipe or trim pieces tucked between the mirror and the door with the pass side window down. Droving to help fix up the house my Aunt was living in, on Dad would drive 1hr each way every other week and stop at the Home Depot that’s on the way for things the small town hardware store wouldn’t have.