Truck accident. Good outcome

Dang son, those are good chains.

Well that would be fun to ride down on the hoist to hook the car up. When I was a teen, a friend of my dad’s was on call with the tow truck. He called my dad one night asking if he wanted to ride along but bring your swim trunks. They had to retrieve a car from the lake.

The truck is in remarkably good condition after falling into that ravine.

Edit: I just saw this on the National TV news. The truck was chained to a trailer, and the chains were the only thing keeping the truck from falling 150 feet into the ravine.

That’s about as far down as the truck went, the camper trailer safety chains kept it from going all the way down.

Yes, as I said before your post, I saw it on the news this evening. The news report added context to the inscrutable original post.

I’ll bet she’s not going to let him drive again. Seriously though I wonder what the patrol hooked the extra chain to. That axle looks like it is nearly sheared off and can’t imagine there are any solid points to hook on to. All those guys walking around on the rocks with no harnesses too. Getting the thing hoisted up again is another issue. Wonder if they would just run a cable through the windows or something. Wow.

I’m glad that wasn’t me hangin off the bridge hooking the lift apparatus onto the pickup. Lotsa stones there.

I wonder if the owner of that pickup complained about the cost of installing the hitch? Maybe even complaining of “over kill.”

And will trailer dealers be busy upgrading hookups for current owners in the next few weeks?


Is trailer mostly ok?

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