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Who knew batteries were so complicated

Welcome to the new world for me, 2017 Acadia limited. Called the dealer as the battery would not start the car due to sub zero temp. 630 cca the best the dealer had. Called my reliable mechanic for a quote on a battery. Remote start he asked. Yes I said. He said we have to buy the battery from the dealership, then program it for remote start. Things used to be so easy. Battery is under the seat so advance auto or whatever is not an option.

Didn’t used to be this complicated but with all this new technology it’s not as easy as just getting the right group size and CCA. Batteries plus is the only site so far that has asked if the truck has stop/start but all show the same 730cca battery.

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Have the battery, connections and charging system been checked?

Little portable jump started right up, dealer checked all, forgot to ask what the cca of the old battery was.

I wonder if my 2012 Camry will last 10 years? That would be more than I need, I don’t think I want a newer car.

If mine rusts out, I will have my son look for one in Florida.

I wonder if he meant stop start? I’ve got remote start on my Pontiac and changed batteries with no problem. Stop start uses the other type of battery.

No stop start available as far as I know, Remote start was the question.