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Who is this sponsor?

While listening to the show recently I heard a new (to me) sponsor get introduced.

The sponsor provides a service that lets you search for deals on new tires. I need that exact service.

I cannot remember the name of this sponsor and all of my search for them with the keywords one would expect have been fruitless.

Can someone tell me the name of this sponsor?

Also… maybe the CT Team should publish a page with info on all of their sponsors? (I’ve also searched for this and can’t find it.)



I don’t know for certain, but perhaps its Tire Rack? (

It is indeed Tire Rack, an NPR underwriter.


Doug Mayer
Senior Web Lackey

Tire Rack is one of the top ‘go to’ sites to research information on tires, lots of reviews, both from buyers and comparison reviews done by Tire Rack themselves. Also lots of information on tires, along with a tire selection tool based on your driving habits and needs. I’ve bought a number of tires from them with success, particularly winter tires premounted and balanced on steel wheels for when I lived in Anchorage. Not much need for those in Dallas, however!