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I am thinking of buying tires from Tire Rack.

Any opinions on this company?

Excellent company. Make sure you get connected to one of their local installers.

I have had nothing but great experience from them.

That being all said I have found local shops and chain shops that are sometimes cheaper from simply calling around.


You find their prices reasonable living in NH?? I looked at them a while back…and with shipping and handling their prices were OK…but I could usually find better. If I lived in MA or NY where I’d have to pay sales tax on local tires their prices were very good. But here in NH…not so good.

I ordered rims and tires for my Civic and just tires for my mom’s Cobalt. Had pretty good service from them

I find their prices to be all over the map.

I was real surprised on my last purchase of tires(Bridgestone) when I got them from a Firestone store for quite a bit less than However it was an awful experience as they tried to sell me about $600 in work on a car that just had its 30k service at the dealer.

I have never ordered tires from them - but I love the customer reviews. I’ve used those on my last couple of tire purchases.

I only looked at them twice…and both times their prices (with shipping) were HIGHER then what I could buy locally. Remove the shipping their prices were slightly better…but NOT much. I’d prefer to deal with a local shop who I trust. I found a good one in Nashua…but that’s probably too far for you.

I bought three sets of tire/wheel combination . . . free balance and mounting, decent prices, shipping is really fast, I like using them. Ricketman

Like MikeInNH, I too have (long ago) found a local tire dealer in Nashua NH, whose prices beat TireRack. I also enjoy supporting a local business and the personal attention. If there’s ever a problem it’s much easier getting it resolved locally.

I live on the about 20 miles from Nashua. The guy in Nashua (Nashua Tire Wholesale) has good prices…and they know what they’re doing. A hole in the wall place but good place to deal with. If I lived in MA I’d might consider from TireRack because of the MA sales tax. Since NH doesn’t have a sales tax then Tirerack just isn’t worth it.

I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with Tire Rack. I bought 4 wheel/winter tire combo from them. They came fast and were perfect.

They also came with a very high quality set of lug nuts- far better than the OEM lug nuts that were on the car. I suppose to be fair, you’d have to factor in their cost when making any comparisons.

For me, that was far less hassle than having to drop off my wheels or the car at a local place and wait for them to do the work.

I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from them again.

Nashua Tire Wholesale is the same place I go to.

Definitely a hole-in-the-wall location, but they know what they’re doing, great prices and service.

Which one have you found? I’m always interesting in finding a good dealer.

Never mind. I just read your othere post to Joe.

Me three. Nashua Tire Wholesale.

I work in Nashua.