Who broke the car?

I have a 2000 Volvo S80 turbo. Because I live far enough away from a Volvo dealer that I have to take a day off work to take my car in, I have a local mechanic work on it. Two or three weeks ago, I had my 100,000 maintenance done. Nothing was wrong with the car when I took it in, and the maintenance cost $1,000 plus, but that was what I expected. Immediately, the Check Engine light came on and I got a message in my message window saying “Check emission system.” I have taken the car back twice for them to put it on the computer and he can’t get the same error twice. Here are my questions:

A. I keep thinking that maybe the mechanic who worked on it disconnected something or didn’t re-connect something right.

B. Part of the 100,000 mile maintenance is to check the emission system. Shouldn’t this have been taken care of (if there was something wrong) before I got it back?

I don’t want to alienate my mechanic, but I also don’t see how I could be facing a possible $300-400 repair to something that wasn’t broken before I took the car in.

What do you think?

Just to get an outside opinion here, drop by a local AutoZone, Checkers, or Advance Auto parts house and have them pull the codes. They will do this for you free.

Post the codes back here as given for further discussion. At this point, save your money until we get deeper into this.