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2003 Buick Century - Gas cap

odometer is over 140,000 miles. Check engine light came on, replaced the “original” gas cap, light came on again. Filled up the gas tank, “check engine” light came on again. Mechanic diagnosed the problem using the correct digital tool, drove on the freeway, then the “check engine” light went off.

Is it time to let the mechanic work on the emissions system or wait?

Since he figured out the problem using his diagnostic skills and a scanner…then yes go ahead and let him fix it

Pyrolord314, Yes, good answer to keep the appointment, to repair the emission system, because the original everything has worked over 15 years and counting. Best not to ruin a perfectly good car.

thank you.



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Wait for what? The car to ruin itself because you didn’t attend to the repair?? Those emission systems are part of how the engine operates and not just about pollution and ignoring the check engine light can cause you very expensive repairs.

Just because the car has worked for over 15 years, does’t mean a mechanic working on it will “spoil” that record. If fact, the opposite is true. Don’t be surprised if the mechanic recommends a number of preventative maintenance repair and service items on a car with 140K.