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White smoke after using cruise control

I have a 96 Cadillac Seville. After using the cruise control for several miles; as soon disengage and push on the gas pedal I hear a pinging sound and a cloud of white smoke comes from the exhaust. What could be causing this?

Check the coolant level. White smoke is water vapor (steam). I don’t think the cruise control has anything to do with the smoke. Does this happen every time under similar circumstances, or was it a one-time event?

Did you tap the brake to turn off the cruise control? Burning brake fluid (from a leaking master cylinder) also makes white smoke. If you ever see white smoke at stop lights, check your brake fluid level.

Another very good possibility is transmission fluid being drawn through a leaking vacuum modulator. You’d best check the level of the tranny fluid too. A tech can check for signs of leakage.

Coolant level is a little low. It happens everytime I hit the gas after having it on cruise.