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I was using my cruise control on the highway a lot and doing a lot of accelerating and decelerating using the CC not gas or break. All of a sudden out my tail pipe came a plum of whitish grey smoke. I assumed I burned some part of my cruise control system because the car ran fine otherwise. Any ideas on what I may have done and what I need to do to fix it? thanks!!!

2003 Toyota Matrix

The cruise control system is not attached to the exhaust in any manner at all. It must have been a buildup of fuel in the catalytic converter. Is there any smoke now? Is the CC OK?

No doesn’t smoke anymore. Just tried the CC and seems to work fine. I can’t figure out what burned up and came out my exhaust. I hope it wasn’t something I needed.

It will wear out sooner if you use it for entertainment. Go easy on electrical stuff and it may last forever. The computer might have had a brain fart.