92 Oldsmobile eighty-eight that is puffing white smoke out the back

My Olds is puffing white smoke out the back the car, it kind smells like burnt oil, but normally that is light blue smoke right? I checked the oil and it looks normal and the smoke only starts after a minute when the engine starts to get warm. Any ideas?

White smoke is usually coolant that has leaked into the cylinders through the head gasket or intake manifold gasket. Has the coolant level been dropping? If so you should have the engine checked for a gasket leak, either with an overnight pressure test of the cooling system or a chemical indicator test of the coolant to check for the presence of acidity due to combustion gases.

Do this soon because if the leak is sufficiently big, too much coolant in a cylinder can “hydrolock” the engine and damage it.

jesmed1is right on target. I had a 1993 Oldsmobile 88 with the same engine your Oldsmobile has. One weakness of these engines is the intake manifold gasket. In my case, the car was leaking coolant.

Keep checking oil and coolant levels. That will tell the story. Depending on the light, white and blue look pretty close.