Continuous white exhaust

I noticed, even after my car is warmed up in above freezing weather condition, there is white exhaust coming from my tailpipe. I drive a Hyundai Elantra, 2000. Could this be a sign of a problem with the engine?

Yes, it very well could. Have you noticed any particular kind of smell from the exhaust? Have you checked your coolant lately? Or have you been low on coolant lately? How is the car running?

White smoke is often a sign of a head gasket problem - coolant leaks into the cylinders, and shows up as white smoke out of the exhaust.

This doesn’t mean that this is your problem, but if you want to keep this car going, to be on the safe side you should have it looked at. There are several ways that mechanics can check for head gasket problems. Find a local shop with a good reputation (not a national chain, and you don’t need a dealership).

Take this especially seriously if you have been losing coolant lately or if you find that you are low on it. The engine will not hold up long with coolant in its oil.

The car is running fine. I haven’t noticed any odd smells. I have an extended 10-years or 100,000 miles warranty, and if there is a problem in the engine(gasket or what have you) would this be covered?

If you have followed all of the recommended maintenance that is probably called for to keep your warranty intact, then yes, it should be covered.

The next time the car is running, give the exhaust a sniff - obviously you don’t want to stand around and breathe it in - if it smells sweet, have it looked at immediately. Also, do check your coolant level and if it is low you should also have it looked at immediately.

Do you get the car out on the highway? After a trip of an hour or more if you still see white exhaust smoke that sounds like a problem to me.

Yes and will have it checked first thing tomorrow morning. Thanks for the input!