Whistling noise from my 97 Dodge Dakota 4x4 (sounds like high pitch air whistling)

I have this whistling noise coming from the front area of my truck (97 dodge dakota). The noise sounds like air at high pitch (just my opinion and friends), happens around 30 to 40 mph when you hear the whistling noise. I’ve taped all holes and gaps that might be causing the sound but no avail. I’ve had a friend look at it, that’s a fire truck mechanic and no luck and he said it didn’t sound like wheel bearing problem. I’m stumped please help solve. Baffled in Idaho

I had a 1965 Rambler that had a wind noise that would start at 45 mph and go away about 55 mph. The noise was one of the vertical bars in the grille. It didn’t bother me, but one of the technicians at the dealer traced it down because it bothered him when he took the car for a test drive for another repair.
If your noise just started, have you done something recently–replaced a light, added or removed a front license or vanity plate, etc.
Another possibility may be the seal around the windshield. I had a rental car once that had such a bad buzzing noise when I reached highway speed that I took it back. The rental agency apologized and explained that the windshield had just been replaced and apparently the job wasn’t done correctly. I was given a free upgrade.