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Whining sound on my xB 2012 109k miles

Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and new to scion cars too. I bought my scion 2012 xB on November last year from Toyota dealer and it has 109k miles on it. So far everything is good but there are two things that make me annoyed

  1. The car is not gas efficient. I have to fill up my tank at around 230 miles.
  2. There is a whining sound when i accelerate my car. It sounds like supercharge, not to loud but annoying to me. I look through the posts here but can not find out whats wrong with it. I will attack the record of the sound below
    Please let me know if you have the same sound as mine
    Thank you
    ​​​​​ P/s : this guy has exactly the same whining sound as mine

Unless you check your fuel mileage the proper way you have no clue if your vehicle is getting the mileage it should get.

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Have you checked the tire pressures. That could drop your gas mileage. I know the xB has the Camry engine but not sure how big the tank is and we don’t know how many gallons you put in every time.

As far as the wine, from the video it is difficult to tell but your engine should not wine. Have a mechanic listen to it and also check the belt/bearings etc.

Do you know if the spark plugs were changed on this car. It probably calls for a change at 120K Miles but I will do that along with the air filter.

Thanks for your reply, I think it’s because of the wheels because mine are aftermarket and they are 18". In addition, this car has small tank compared to camry. But the gas efficient is just a minor problem, the real one is the whining noise as I described above

Thanks for the reply,
I just did the 5k miles service at Toyota dealer and they took care of the tire pressure and all fluids. As I know, the xB has smaller tank than camry which is only 14 gallons compared to 18 gallons in camry.
I brought my car back to the toyota dealer and have a tech to do the test drive, he heard that and said that could be the gears or transaxle. I think i have come back for the diagnosis. Hope they will find out what it is
I dont know if the spark plugs were changed or not but I think the toyota dealer will check everything before selling it, am i right ?

What Volvo said. You have no idea if your mileage is good or not unless you figure out how many miles you get per gallon. The formula is simple: mpg = total miles driven divided by total gallons used. You’ll need to do this for at least two tankfuls to get any accuracy. Post back with the results.

Pop the hood, rev the engine, and see if you can hear where the whining is coming from. Or take it to a reputable shop.

That is almost laughably wrong.


Some dealers (the distinct minority) will thoroughly inspect an auction car or trade-in thoroughly before putting it out on the line for sale.

The majority will not although they may claim a thorough inspection was done.

So when you fill it up after 230 miles how many gallons does it take?

If the whining only exists when the car is moving then one has to suspect a wheel bearing or possible a transmission whine. Hopefully not the latter.

Do you feel most CPO cars are 100% pencil-whipped?

If so, you are more cynical than I am

Thanks for your formula, I did pop the hood but dont hear any whine from the engine, only hear it when driving (accelerating), between 20-40 the noise is loud.

when i fill up after 230 miles, it takes about 10-11 gallons. the whining only exist when driving so I will bring this car back to toyota dealer and have them do the diagnosis. hope the warranty will pay for the fixing :frowning:

Sorry but what do you mean ?

If there is a warranty to cover repairs have it check out asap.

The vehicle in the video appears to have a transmission noise, it occurs when the throttle is open.

Don’t complicate the repair visit with a fuel economy complaint, the vehicle is rated at 22 MPG and you are getting 23 MPG.

thanks Nevada for the reply, I will take the car back to toyota dealer for the diagnosis soon, hope they can find the problem


This reminds me of a conversation that my mother had–many years ago–with a friend of hers. Because of some recent airplane crashes, there was increased concern about the safety of some of the major airlines.

My mother’s friend stated that, “Every plane gets a full mechanical and safety inspection before it takes off again”, and my mother’s reply was, “Sure, if you consider cleaning the lavatories and picking up litter from the floor to be a full inspection”.

Similarly, car dealers will give trade-ins a washing/vacuuming and detailing before putting them up for re-sale. Maybe an oil change will be done if the oil looks like tar, but beyond that possible oil change, probably nothing else will be done.

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It just seems strange that this forum and others still get people who don’t really know what their fuel mileage is. A simple Google search would show how to determine MPG.


Not all that strange! We live in a country where millions of people don’t even seem to know approximately how many calories they personally burn in a day. They consume more (sometimes, way more) than needed and join the obese and morbidly obese crowd. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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It’s not only that reality!
I have actually encountered a few people over the years who thought that the more “diet soda” they drank, the more weight they would lose. Naturally, they were confused when they only continued to gain weight, but those folks were confused about almost everything.

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If it’s not in the Heads Up Display…I think for younger drivers at least, they always had cars that calculated it for them so they never needed to learn the (extremely) simple calculations necessary

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If someone doesn’t know that Miles per gallon means miles divided by gallons, well, all I can say is WOW!

Although I checked several dictionaries, and none of them list divide as a definition of per.