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2012 xb whining noise

Hi guys,
i just bought a 2012 xb automatic with 105k miles also 3yrs extended warranty. I noticed that when accelebrating there is whine noise when i hit the gas pedal, and its gone when i get off the pedal. The higher the rpm, the louder the whining noise.

I bring it back the Elmore Toyota but the tech said my xB has CVT transmission so the whining noise is normal.

But what i concern is i do research on internet and looks like my 2012 scion xB doesnt have CVT!!??! So, is there anything wrong with my transmission? What should i tell the tech to fix so i can get rid of the whining noise? I also attach a google drive link of my record for the noise.

Thanks for reading and look forward for your reply!

My friend’s Rav-4 had the same symptoms, and it turned out to be a bad CV joint on the right axle.
Replacing the entire axle completely eliminated the noise.

Did a mechanic tell you about the CVT or a service “advisor”. I suspect it was a service advisor. You should take the car back to the dealer since it appears you bought it there. Insist that they check the car for the whine and tell them you know that the car has a 4-speed automatic, not a CVT, if they say that again. Don’t press the point, just insist that they put it in the shop for a check. Don’t tell them about the CV joint either. They don’t like to be led by the customer, and it could be something else. Just be firm and don’t stop until they find Andy fix the problem.

Something just occurred to me . . .

OP just bought a 4 year old car, and it’s got 105K miles, with an extended warranty

That has got to be an aftermarket extended warranty

I don’t believe any factory extended warranties go beyond 100K miles. That would be quite unusual, IMO

The xB has the Camry drivetrain and no CVT transmission. It is the old school transmission. Warranty or not you have to have a good mechanic take a look at it. I will still try and go back to the dealership that sold you the car.

Was this noise not noticeable on the test drive?

…and those aftermarket extended warranties are essentially useless because they contain so many “weasel clauses” that most people collect ZERO dollars on their claims, and the others recover only a very tiny fraction of the actual repair cost. If somebody wants an extended warranty, the ones from the vehicle manufacturer are the only ones to consider, even though they are still a poor value for most people.

Yeah . . . I agree with you

Well, hopefully the whining noise is caused by something which the warranty company will agree to fix

IMHO this is plain old bologna. I suspect it was for the reason articulated so well by Jt. Service advisers aren’t mechanics, and “that’s normal” is their favorite phrase. Besides, I’m 99.996% certain that gallant is correct about the tranny… it’s a good old fashioned automatic, not a CVT. However the “service adviser” probably doesn’t know a CVT from a CV Joint anyway, so he probably tells all the customers that.

It is however also true that your xB may have absolutely nothing wrong with it. These are econoboxes, and as much as I like them (and I DO), they don’t have the sound insulation and isolation that more expensive vehicles like Camrys have. And they have the acoustics of a metal box. Sound insulation is what it sounds like, sound isolation is things like hydraulic engine mounts that prevent vibrations from traveling from the chassis to the unibody.

Take it to an independent shop for a checkup. See if he agrees that there’s nothing wrong with it. post back.