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Whining noise in engine

I have a 2004 chrysler pacifica and I am getting a whining noise from the engine. It gets louder when I step on the gas.

My mechanic says that it is the bearings in the power steering pump. He also says that the belt tensioner is bad. He says that both need to be replaced. What do you think?

I think that he is probably on the right track.
However, getting a second opinion would be a good idea.
Perhaps only one of those two components actually needs to be replaced.
If you can replace just the belt tensioner you will save a whole heap of money.

Is this the original serpentine belt? At 6 years it’s due for a change. An old belt can cause all sorts of noises. I’ve had good luck with Good Year Poly-V belts. A second opinion would be a good idea.

Ed B.

As edb1961 mentioned a worn belt can make some crazy noises.

When I thought the bearings in my water pump on my 87 Ranger were growling I sprayed the belts with some water. The noise instantly stopped & I knew to simply replace the belts.