Steering noice

I have 2006 Chrysler Pacifica (47K miles) that makes a funny noise when i start and take it out for the first time in the morning especially during the winter. The noise increases as i make a left turn on a small hill and goes away after 4-5 minutes until the next cold morning.

Never happens in the summer or later part of the winter day once i start driving.

I’m assuming it has to be a steering belt and took it a mechanic who failed to diagnose the issue.

Thanks for all the replies and btw i enjoy the show a lot.

Can you describe the noise?

It is not a squeaky sound that is usually expected from a belt. It is difficult to describe but the closest i could say is something sliding on wood.

Check out the site
and select “something sliding on wood” and i think that is how the vehicle sounds every cold morning.

It’s a cold belt or bearing. Once it warms up the belts become more pliant, and stop sliding, or the bearing warms up and the lube/grease it is in thins and lubes better.

I suspect Binky is right. The most common source of the bearing sound that would be associated with turning the car would be the power steering pump. And yes, of it were dying it would make the sounds you describe.

Plan to pop the hood when you go out in the morning and you should be able to hear exactly where the sound is eminating from.

Thanks for both of you for the reply. Cold belt and/or the bearing of the steering pump could be it. What could be the possible fix? In the mean time i will check tomorrow morning the exact location of the noise.

Thanks guys.

If this is, in fact, the source of the sound, the only fix is to replace the power steering pump. They’re not designed to be repaired in the field.

But before you “write it off”, check to be sure the power steering fluid is not low. It’s a longshot, but it never hurts to look.

I didn’t see it said …at least exactly …so here’s my two cents.

You mentioned “left” turns but not right turns. The noise shouldn’t really care which way you’re turning.

When you say “start” do you mean as soon as the engine is started …or do you mean when you “move”.

If none of the altered views applies …then the aforementioned advice seems 100% applicable. If any of it applies then it could point to other things …a CV joint that doesn’t wobble but “squeaks” or “whispers” until it goes through its “Tin Man in need of an oil can” routine.

The best way to diagnose the belt/idler/pump bearing issue is simply to remove the belt and start the engine COLD since that was when the noise first started. If it’s not there anymore …then there is your problem. You check out the movement of the pump pulley and the idler/tensioner …and go from there.