Pulley and belt

My car makes a whining noise when its starting up. Eventually it seems to go away but when stopped at a red light it likes to come back. When I turn the wheel it makes the noise more. It sounds like something from the belt or pulley? This problem started after I took a trip to Colorado. I was driving on a very bumpy dirt road, very bumpy and noticed the next time I started the car it made a noise, especially when I turned the wheel.

Check your power steering fluid level.

Agree with oldtimer, some power steering pumps are very sensitive to fluid level. Make sure it’s not too low or too high. If the level is ok, I’d try a Lube-Gard power steering fluid additive.

Your power steering pump may also be groaning because it’s going to die soon.

If you’ve had the alternator replaced at some point, you may have an undersized pulley on it. Aftermarket alternators often include the pulley but, there are several different diameters for the Taurus depending on engine. It is easiest to just use the original…the dealer may be able to tell you what diameter (part#) that pulley should be in case the original is gone.