Whining noise from engine



I have a 2002 chevy silverado, 4.8l v-8, that has started making a whining/wheezing noise when the engine is running. the pitch of the noise increases and decreases with the rpm of the motor. i opened the hood to try to find it and the noise seems to be coming from the upper driver side, from jus behind the alternator, but i cant pinpoint it. anyone have any suggestions? also the factory radio lights that light up the buttons at night have gone out, can that be fixed or is it just better to get another radio?


Maybe an alternator bearing is going out.

You’d probably have to remove and disassemble the radio to replace the bulb.


I’d agree with the alternator bearing, but it might be your power steering pump, idler pulley, or anything else near where you hear the sound. It may even just be slightly low on power steering fluid, which can sometimes make a car ‘whine’, without affecting the steering.

As far as the radio light goes, I’d pull the radio and check–some of these lights just ‘push in’ to the back of the radio and can be easily pulled out and replaced. No idea if yours is like this.