1989 GMC (Chevy) 1500 Vandura W/ 305 V8 engine


When I start my cold engine I hear a whine for around 30 seconds. I can’t tell whether it is coming from the engine compartment or the transmission. It doesn’t matter whether I put it in gear or not and it doesn’t seem to happen when I start a warm engine. Is this just another noise to put up with or a indicator of a problem? My engine has the single belt. Chip


Perhaps the whine is from a slightly worn serpentine belt or it could be from a pulley/bearing.

***I have a question for the techs here, is it at all possible for the bendix in a starter to keep spinning after the gear disengages from the flywheel?




Theoretically, yes, but it would not last very long. A noisy belt seems the likely culprit. I have also expeienced a noisy power steering pump in the past on a Chrysler product.


It might be the alternator. After starting the engine, the alternator is going to be charging at max output to charge the battery and it can make a whining noise at this time.


one quetion? have you changed the alternator before. If you have, you more than likly have a dixie rebuilt alternator, not a AC Delco, and if these alternators don’t whine right away, they will after your warenty runs out. I had the same problem on a 98 chevy pick-up, and when it was cold it was the worst.


Also check the power steering fluid level and the transmission fluid level.


I’ve had this problem on every chevy truck I’ve owned. It has always been the alternator belt tension. The contact area of the belt on the alternator pulley is very small, so if the belt is just a little too slack it will slip.