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Whining Brakes

I have been working on all my wheels new pads and new ball joints in the front top and bottom. So when I am braking now I can hear a distinct whining sound kind of like a crapped out automatic tranny. I drive a manual so not my problem haha. I would assume a standard brake bleed will fix? The pedal is a bit spongy but it still stops like it should. I also have a grinding when I drive pretty sure it is unrelated just the backing plate touching the rotor I think…

So adjust the backing plate.
A brake bleed will not fix your sound. But a misadjusted wear indicator or backing plate might be the source of the problem.

Most disc brake systems use various anti-squeal shims and if the shims aren’t installed correctly, or get lost and not installed at all, this can be the result. One idea is to find another car like yours and ask if you can inspect the brakes. Maybe you’ll see something missing or installed upside down or something. Otherwise you’ll probably need to visit a shop to get things straightened out. Might as well ask the shop while the car is there to do a pressure bleed on the brakes and get everything fixed all at once. When doing brake work, it’s a good idea to only do one side at a time, so you can use the other for reference. Best of luck.

Also try some anti-squeal grease on the backside of the pads. If you haven’t used it before, they usually have small packets of the stuff at the checkout counters of auto parts stores.

The brand of brake pad can cause unusual noises and feel. I stopped using AutoZone brake pads after having them groan and chatter on me in both my Ford and Toyota. I’ve had good results with Raybestos.