Which would you choose?

We are purchasing a CRV with 4WD tomorrow and these are the offers we have gotten so far.

One offer is for the CRV LX version for 20,800 but we have had them to throw in the cargo tray which they sell for $400 for free (400 is so overpriced for this!) This dealerships car price is 200 dollars over the consumer reports bottom line price taking into account all incentives and destination charge.

Received another offer from a different dealership who no longer has any LX’s left, but has EX’s… the upgraded model. They are offering this for 22,245. Which is about 400 dollars below the consumer reports bottom line price. sounds like a pretty good deal. This is good until tomorrow.

I am not sure what to do. The 2nd car is the better deal, but is also more expensive. It includes features that my husband likes, but to me don’t add a lot of value.

The main difference is the EX has alloy wheels versus steel, 2 extra speakers (I could care less), moonroof (i have one now and don’t use it… but my husband likes these). Comes with cargo tray standard, has security alarm, has outside temperature display, radio controls on steering wheel, privacy windows in the back.

To me none of these are major things I care about. If they had heated seats/mirrors that would be a different story! They are all nice to have but not that important. The only thing I cared about was the cargo tray and the first deal is throwing this in, though I am paying 200 over invoice essentially.

My husband thinks resale value down the road might be better on the EX (though I am likely going to drive the car into the ground… but you never know).

I asked a question earlier on here, but have had password issues when trying to login… so I had to setup a new username.

Wondering what your thoughts on what the better overall deal really is.

Do the “extras” that the EX offer really hold much value for most people?

Thanks in advance!

I don’t care for many options on a car. The first almost new car I ever bought was a 1965 Rambler Classic 550–bottom of the line and I was perfectly satisfied. That said,the one feature you list for the EX is the outside temperature display. My wife’s 4Runner has that feature and its nice to have in the winter months to get an idea of whether the roads may become slippery. My guess is that the resale prices probably will be only slightly different after a couple of years. However, if you are going to keep the vehicle for a long time, when you aortize the difference in price over, say ten years, you aren’t paying that much more for the options.

Personally, I would take the LX, as long as it has cruise control and power windows. Many Japanese cars only offer cruise on the higher end models, since cruise in Japan would be a unusable feature.

If you keep the car a long time, the sliding roof will leak at some point, the alloy wheels will look ugly and cost an arm and a leg to replace. With steel wheels, you just buy another set of covers for $55. If you buy winter tires, you can use the same covers for the winter wheels.

If your husband is in sales, and drives a great deal and then wants to trade in 3-4 years, I would get the EX, since it will have much better trade-in value, and the roof won’t be leaking yet.

When you are making a LONG TERM purchase, a few hundred dollars one way or the other will make little difference; buy what you really like and NEED!

In most of the US, cruise control is a must for long trips; an extra 2 speakers in icing on top of the icing on the cake. Radio controls on the steering wheel are shorter lived that those on the dash.

Good luck.

My opinion (and experience) is that I’ve always been much more satisfied when I’ve bought the model that had just a little more than I was originally prepared to buy.

In your case, the EX is not only a good deal, but it has more than you expected to own - always a plus, if you can afford it.

The features that don’t add value in your opinion, probably add value in other people’s opinion - if you ever want to sell it.

You only live once. If you can afford the EX, buy it.

Treat yourself. You’ll be glad that you did.

On the other hand, if you can’t really afford the car, then buy within your means.

But I say - GO FOR IT!!

It will be good for you and your husband.

When you’re dealing in thousands of dollars, and the difference is as small as you’ve shown - you owe it to yourself… forget that… you owe it to your marriage!!! to pay just a little extra and get the better car.

Please check back in and let us know what you decided to do…

thanks for your input. I am leaning towards the less expensive model. Also I just looked at the honda website and the EX has a chrome grill. I honestly can’t even say I have ever noticed this, so I don’t know the difference!

They both have cruise control and power locks and windows (just ex also has the alarm system).

UGH, I don’t know what to do.

Maybe buy the LX and then with the savings, get the flat screen TV we have wanted for years! :slight_smile:

Also, I have had a moonroof on my mazda protege, it’s a 2002 and has never leaked. Is this a common issue with factory installed moonroofs?

I have heard about it being an issue for after market ones mainly?

Thank you everyone!

forgot to add, that this is a bit of a stretch for us because we are a one income family. I am a stay at home mom… but we wanted new and safe and we needed bigger than what we had.

Initially we wanted to spend under 20k. My husband wanted me to get something used in the 16-17k range… but I am paranoid about used cars… even though I know the majority of people buy them without problems. I am afraid to end up with someone else’s problem.

We figure the car is expensive for us… but it is a honda and should last a long time and I can drive it into the ground!

I have a moonroof on my '97 Acura. It doesn’t leak. As long as the drain tubes are clean the roof won’t leak water into the vehicle. They don’t really close water-tight, but any water that gets past the gasket drains down through the body in the drain tubes. If the drain tubes get clogged water can find it’s way into the interior.

The vehicles you’re looking at are only ~$1,500 apart. I’d tell dealer number two “I’ll take the EX for $22,000.” If they say no, walk away and go buy the LX. The features you don’t care about today may grow on you as time passes.

my husband tried to work them down more and they went down another 100 bucks…but then said she could go no further… that they were already taking a 400 dollar loss…

I wanted to get it for 22,000 even too !

Take it now!!

If I could, I’d send you a couple hundred to close the deal.

If you are otherwise not in deep debt (which is a very important consideration), at least once in your life you should buy just a little more than you were looking for.

You’ll be glad you did.

We have been very good about not taking on much debt. Our only debt is our mortgage fortunately. Unfortunately though I live in a very expensive state… massachusetts… and with one income things are expensive.

I don’t know why, but I am really agonizing over this decision. ha ha

The vehicle you are looking at is a long term investment. My neighbor, a school teacher, traded her very unreliable Volkswagen Passat for a CRV and had 10 years of completely trouble-free service. Her kids are grown up so now she has an Accord.

No need to agonize over this decision, you’ll appreciate this vehicle for a long time.

My brother, who doesn’t not lack money, still drives his 1987 Accord. It’s a little rough on the edges, but otherwise very reliable.

If there are features on the EX that your husband likes, it may be worth the extra money. I mentioned in an earlier post that the 1965 stripped model Rambler that I bought suited me just fine. However, I got married a year later and hadn’t met the person I married when I bought the Rambler. She didn’t like the fact that there were no switches in the doors to turn on the interior lights when you opened the doors. One of our current vehicles is a Toyota 4Runner. My wife drives it most of the time. However, it has a manually adjustable seat and when we travel we trade off driving. A power adustable seat would be a great feature. Our other vehicle is a bottom trim line Chevrolet Uplander. My wife rarely drives this car. It doesn’t have many features, but it suits me just fine. In short, if this is your main family car, go for the extra features if your husband thinks they are important.

I bought a Honda Civic EX in 2003. I didn’t care about the moonroof, but the EX had the variable valve motor and ABS brakes which the LX didn’t have. I have no problems with my moonroof and I think they hold up OK in today’s new cars.

I don’t see any features of the EX you are considering that are a big deal to me. They have the same motor and the same level of safety equipment. In addition to the extra speakers the stereo likely has more power and should sound significantly better. Does the EX have leather seats? Don’t care for leather myself but it does a lot for resale value. The alloy wheels look nice, but if you live where there are a lot of potholes steel wheels last longer and are much cheaper to replace if damaged. Alloy wheels are damaged easily and can cost $170 for reconditioned ones and $350 for a new one from Honda.

I think you’ll be happy with either CRV. I’d base my decision on color. If the EX is available in a color you prefer go for it. Over time I think the higher level car will be more enjoyable. If you live in a area with bad roads and lots of potholes take the LX.

Somebody’s Got To Be The Bad Guy (The Father In Me). Why Buy Such An Expensive Vehicle?

One income. Very expensive state. $400 Cargo tray? 4WD?

Personally, I could never enjoy a vehicle like this if I had concerns like the ones above that you expressed. We can afford to cash out on cars in this price range, but we don’t. That’s probably part of why we can and we have no debt and no mortgage.

Are you paying cash for the car?

There are other cars out there that fit the bill for " . . . new and safe and we needed bigger than what we had. " This is the ultimate buyer’s market and you are missing it.

Quibbling over a couple hunded bucks or LX vs. EX tells me that you should not even consider a car in this price range. Champagne taste, beer budget.

You’ve got a bad case of New Car Fever. How much homework have you done looking over the whole automobile spectrum?

Which is about 400 dollars below the consumer reports bottom line price. sounds like a pretty good deal. This is good until tomorrow.” If this makes you hurry into a decision then you are not being rational. Stop. Take a depp breath. Start over more slowly and cautiously.

I can buy two nice large, safe, economical cars for $20-$22K and drive them both 20-25K miles per year for ten years. As a matter of fact that’s what I do.

Buy the way, what is the MPG rating on these CRV things?


P.S. Reread what you wrote “by: TARA72 06/29/2009 7:42:09 PM”. You are rationalizing rather than being logical and thoughtful. The first paragraph there is the only one that makes sense.

Common sense, i would normally tend to agree with you… my husband and I are generally very practical people. The reason we are considering this more expensive car is because my mother in law made a very generous offer to us. She is giving us 10,000 dollars towards the car… the only requirement is that instead of paying her back we pay it into a college fund for our 1 year old. This was a very thoughtful idea and it allows us to pay for some of our child’s education which we had planned to do anyway. We would much rather pay for our child’s education than have a larger car payment.

We did look for used CRV with low miles, recent year… they are very hard to find and people are getting top dollar for them. I also don’t like the uncertainty of not knowing how they were cared for. The peace of mind I get from buying a new car might be worth it for me… and my sanity!

That is why we are considering the car. I have always wanted to own another honda since having my old CRX years ago. I feel like we will get our money’s worth from the car and drive it forever.

We will put 13,000 down and finance maybe 8,000 or so.

20/26/22 for Awd according to edmunds
On a 1 income family, I’d take the extra $2000 I’d save by getting the LX and keep it put away in the bank.
I also share the OP’s concerns about buying used(especially since there may be Katrina cars still lingering about), and the piece of mind from buying new could be worth it.

That’s A Different Story. Why Do I Always Have To Coax Out The Rest Of The Story?

I too presaved 2 four-year college degrees for my kids. I would still not take on payments in your situation. I financed 1/2 of a new car as a teen and have since always paid cash.

However, $8,000 or $10,000 financed is much, much better than $22,000. You start out with equity. I’d shop for a long term with a low rate if that’s possible. You can always pay extra on the principle and pre-pay the loan, avoiding interest. The longer term will give you lower payments in case something unexpected happens.

Check out those cars again. That EX may have more little creature comforts than you think. Since you’re financing anyhow and you’re going to keep it ten years, get the EX. Your husband would regret this for 9 1/2 years.

Good Luck,

Sorry. I had to edit. I got the EX and LX backwards. I’d call the place that gave you a deadline and ask what they can do to make it worth your time to come back and talk.

I don’t know why, but I am really agonizing over this decision.

The difference is only $1200. If you are the type to keep a car long term, say 10 years, that’s only $120 per year (though really a little more with interest). It’s not that big a difference. Oh, and by the way, that “this price is only good for one day” statement is a bluff. If they’ll take it today, they’ll take it next week.

it’s actually I think more like 1400 more and then we finance it, it becomes even more over time. At first we thought it was only 20 bucks more a month but then realized it is 40 bucks more a month.

I am just not sure i care about alloy wheels and a moonroof enough…

ugh, I hate this!!!