Good Price or pass?

Hey there,

I’m looking to this Honda CRV 2010 with about 83000 miles selling for about $16000. Everything is in good condition and it comes with a leather interior which will be needed (kids). The maintenance has been kept up very well on it; my question is do you think this is a good price for this year and model?
I’m thinking if I bring cash to the table I may be able to bring it down a bit…

Thanks guys!

It sounds overpriced to me by quite a bit. NADA shows about 10-12. Another good way of getting a feel for prices is to do a search on eBay Motors for the car in question and use the “Completed Listings” function which will show ending prices/bids for exact or similar cars.

I agree that the price sounds too high by several thousand $$.

Pass. It may be loaded, but that doesn’t matter as much for the value of a used car as most buyers are looking for basic transportation. This is still five years old with a typical number of miles for its age, and should be priced accordingly. You should be able to find a cheaper one, though finding one with leather may take patience.

Too much money for that many miles for me to consider… I would sacrifice options for mileage. Leather and kids ? How about seat covers. :wink: and a car with fewer miles. I would Look for a CRV in the 40 to 50k range of you have that kind of money. You are paying too much for the options and the EX model.

The price is a big red flag…pass.

The trouble with buying it for a price like that is if you decide to sell it after you buy it, or if your insurance is going to reimburse you for a crash, you’ll get $4k-$6k less for it.

There are 4 trim levels (LX, EX, EX-L, EX-L with navigation). Which one is it? That has a big impact on price. Also, is this a dealer or private sale? And you can always negotiate,the price down. Don’t buy it without having it inspected by a mechanic you choose,and don’t overpay. The more you know about this SUV, the better able you,will be to price it properly.

Lease a new one. $350/mo. Than walk away. Do u have $16k in hand? Going to get a loan? Loan payment is the same as lease.and u get a warranty.

Price is too high, and with that many miles you need perfect maintenance records and mint condition.

I have to wonder if the OP has even done any research at all. Kelly Blue Book or ads on AutoTrader or are they just asking anonymous people on a web site that have no idea where the OP is or what trim level the vehicle is ? In my area a fully equipped 2010 CRV dealer price is about 18000.00. N E Oklahoma

I’ll let the OP decide about the mileage but the price is right at what KBB says for the year/trim/mileage in my area for a private sale and the only one at the local dealer has around 65,000 miles and they want $20,000+.

You cant buy a used CRV around here for a reasonable sum

Same here

Honda really keeps its value around here, especially something popular such as the CR-V

Used Honda’s cost an arm and a leg. My local dealer has a 2010 crv exl with 33k for 19,999.

A point about some footwork and pricing. A year newer, cheaper, and half the miles. Others have gone for less. How much this one went for I have no idea but it was sub 15.

I would never, ever, buy a car off ebay, unless I personally drove over there to inspect it

No offense intended to any businesses that specialize in vehicle inspections

Way overpriced.
And you don’t need leather seats for kids. I know, because I raised kids. That’s an excuse to get leather seats.

Leather, both in the car and in the home, is much easier to clean up than cloth. Your kids must never have spilled anything. Or life just wasn’t as busy then.

I have a friend who has his heart set on a Honda Pilot. I see a 10 year old car for sale for $15,000. Sounds crazy to me but if that is what the market will bear…

If the service history is well documented and the CRV is in great shape it’s a fair deal. Yes you can get a lower trim with less miles but it’s basically in line with the market around Seattle for a EX-L of this generation with under 100,000 miles.