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Which type of brake rotors do you choose?

I see many of my friends use drilled and slotted rotors rather than oem.`
They said the slotted drilled rotors work better in wet climates when frequent precipitation occurs.
Are they better than OEM rotors ?
What type of brake rotors do you choose and any good experience ?

Drilled and slotted rotors are used for racing cars or road cars driven very aggressively. Does that match your application?

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You install brake components that meets or exceeds the OEM’s specifications.

Unless the vehicle is going to be used in high speed situations, those components are a waste of money.


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Drilled rotors were the hot ticket for racers back in the 60’s and 70’s. Now drilled rotors are just for looks. Some performance car makers install them from the factory because their owners like and expect them - Porsche.

Racers no longer use drilled rotors, they use slotted rotors. This link discusses a number of the brake myths.

I currently have slotted rotors on my car because I run track days. My brakes are noisy. I live with it.

For a daily driver, there is no reason to use anything but plain rotors. There is no advantage to slotted and/or drilled rotors except the appearance. But then you need to put up with the disadvantages, too.

Because… ???

Depends on which ones you pick. Brembo slotted are probably better than OEM because they’re made by Brembo. Not because they’re slotted. As far as slots/drills go, it’s kinda like asking if a Hobart 60-quart mixer is better than a standard Kitchenaid mixer. Yeah, it is, if you need it because you run a bakery. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of money.

Same thing with the slots. Unless your car gets to play on race tracks, or possibly if you live at the top of a mountain in Colorado, you don’t need 'em and will see no benefit from them.

They tend to attract rust faster than solid rotors because of those holes.Unless you are a race car driver you will find that there is no benefits in using them.

Drilled rotors have a reputation for cracking. Slotted rotors will increase your braking but they wear down the pads much faster than regular rotors and if the increase in braking power is not matched by high performance tires, then the brakes can overwhelm the tires quickly giving you less control over things like modulating the brakes. If you have ABS, your ABS will be working a lot harder.

It’s a system, tires, brakes, shocks/struts, wheels, sway bars, etc. The chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link. Strengthening a link that is not the weakest will not strengthen the chain.

Neither do race car drivers, anymore. Racers use slotted disks, street-driven posers use drilled.