Disk Brake Disks: Buy solid, drilled, or drilled & slotted?


There seems to be three variations of available disks designs. Someone must be right and someone must be wrong - which style is the best choice for regular everyday driving, and why?

What else should I look for before buying replacemnt disks and pads. I’m pretty sure I’m about due for both.


Whatever was originally in the vehicle is fine, there’s no real need to purchase improved aftermarket brake pads or rotors unless you race, or do lots of hard stops (is, police, taxis, etc.)
Some stores sell lifetime warranties on their brake pads, that is, they will replace the pads for free if/when they wear out or fail. However, you would still need to pay for labour.

But anyway, whatever is OEM is fine.


The plain ordinary ones will be the most cost effective, unless you want the break pads to wear out faster. If you plan to race the car and really have to brake hard for corners; only then would you need different brakes.


Assuming you are not racing for a living or have some very special brake needs, I suggest using whatever came as standard equipment with your car.


OEM replacements are definitely the best option for both the rotors and the pads.

In addition to the drilled and slotted rotors being a complete waste of cash unless you’re racing, non-OEM pads (such as metallic pads with a higher metal content) can come with tradeoffs such as increased noise and a harder “feel”. You may not like the difference.